Our Story

Welcome to Grit Republic.
Grit Republic is not a place, it is a state of mind.

Grit is a personality trait expressing the individual quality of demonstrating passion and perseverance even under challenging circumstances. It’s a trait that’s developed by stepping outside of the comfort zone every now and then. It is highly valued by everyone striving for making a mark in life.

Running, or any other form of endurance for that matter, is a way to grow grit. Everyone who has ever took the effort to physically challenge themselves will recognize and acknowledge the rewards given by showing grit. It goes beyond the adrenaline rush. It builds confidence and self awareness, even in daily life. Grit will take you to new territory, both mental and physical, once considered out of reach.

Grit Republic is open to everyone with this positive and active stance towards life. It is the place where we connect and can express this way of life. Endurance is a lifestyle to us.

As a brand we want to be a hub for these people and celebrate this lifestyle by developing products that enable them to spread the word of passion and perseverance.


Life is better when you excercise. It keeps you healthy, positive, focused and motivated. It makes you a happier and more confident person who is better prepared for physical and mental challenges ahead. Grit Republic embraces everyone open to the joy of endurance or is willing to experience it. Together we move and explore new places.

Grit Republic is a worldwide community of people who have a positive stance towards life through physical excercise. Grit Republic visualizes the joy of testing oneself.


Grit Republic wants to:

  • to give a voice to and connect everyone with a positive and active stance towards life
  • to visualize the joy of endurance
  • to stimulate a healthy lifestyle
  • to show that excercise contributes to a positive self image
  • to translate qualities like passion, perseverance, stamina and grit to daily life


passion, perseverance, fair play, open-mindedness, culture, creativity, inclusiveness, sustainability